The Mick Malone Mysteries

The Chloe James Mysteries

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The Breach at Briar's BurnWhen an American woman falls off her horse on a spirited ride in the Scottish Highlands, her friend and riding partner shows up on Mick’s front door step begging for help. But when the woman cannot be found, it’s a race between the elements and saving the woman’s life. What Mick and Jock discover as they search for the missing woman leads them into a web of intrigue and murder that reaches from St. Petersburg, Russia to Washington, D.C.

In his latest adventure, Mick and his partner Jock find themselves at odds with two of the most powerful and adversarial governments in the world. Do they do what’s right and “bend the law”? Or do they let a victim become the target of deep plot against the United States? And when Mick’s cousin and his grandmother both get involved, he and Jock must juggle all their plans with the concern over their family’s safety.