What took you so long? 

Some of you probably noticed that it took me over a year to publish my newest book. That's a long time between books for me.  What can I say except it's been a challenging year with a lot weighing on my mind. Couple that with a new passion and I've been a bit distracted from my writing.

What's the new passion? I've become a devoted "bagineer". Don't bother trying to look it up in the dictionary. It's folklore. A bagineer is defined best by Janelle McKay, owner of Emmaline Bags. She is a remarkable artist who designs beautiful bags and sells both the patterns and the materials. She defines it as: "One who makes bags, purse and wallets, primarily by sewing. And engineer of bags, or an adventuring bag maker."

So, I've been branching out into this new frontier. Some people complain that doesn't make me a "real writer". But here's the rub. We only have one life. Why on earth spend it doing only one thing? I say we should try to cram as much into it as possible. If you're interested, you can see my bags on sewsallee.com.

But back to writing. This book didn't come easily. But it did come fondly.

So I hope you like it. And please, I would love to hear from you. And yes, more books are on the way!

P.S. Folks have been asking for an updated picture. Here it is, sorry it's a bit dark...Its taken at a wine bar...yes, one of my other passions.